Who’s hosting your site? Four reasons you may want to switch.

Who’s hosting your site? Four reasons you may want to switch.

Cheap hosting can cost youCheap web hosting is a classic case of “you get what you pay for.” In this age of do-it-yourself everything, large online hosting companies can offer super-cheap hosting for people who are willing to handle all of the details of their hosting. But that means that you are now responsible for keeping your website’s backend software up to date, secure and fast. And if you don’t, your website may be hacked, broken or slowed to a crawl.

Here are the four major hazards of cheap hosting from Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy and many others.

1) Security Holes – Most big hosting companies don’t keep their technologies up to date. The big problem is by having unsupported technology like PHP 5.2, security holes are left exposed.

2) Unpredictable Results – The outdated or unsupported server tech on big name/low price hosts can lead to a level unpredictability with WordPress. As the endless software versioning and patch parade moves forward year-after-year, installing a simple video player can result in a crash of the site.

3) Waste of Your Time – Your site crashed when you installed a video plugin? You may spend hours debugging the problem and recovering the site. Usually, at this point, several issues are uncovered which must be fixed as now you have upgraded the site and other things broke.

Think of it like your smart phone: you need to upgrade it for security reasons. (You know you do.)

But running the new software on old hardware causes it to be slow and some features to break.


4) Slow Response Times – Most basic/popular plans run in a shared environment exposing a clients website to hazards by other webservers. If one site gets infected, it can spread to others. If one server hogs up resource, other servers slow down. This is why they are cheap.

Be sure your host has both the latest software and the latest hardware to support it.

If your web presence plays an important role in your daily business, cheap web hosting can cost you more in time and headaches than you think. Managed hosting is worth the money.


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