To Theme or Not To Theme (Part 1 of 3)

To Theme or Not To Theme (Part 1 of 3)

Rather which WordPress theme to use? ThemeForest, a leading online repository for paid themes, alone offers around 11 thousand themes. In the WordPress Theme Directory, at the moment this blog post was written, 3,214 free themes are available under the General Public License (GPL). According to W3Techs, a World Wide Web technology survey company, 31.1% of content management systems are WordPress, which mean 31.1% of the websites on the Internet are run by free or paid themes. So which one to use? Well first of all, consider it a long-term relationship.

Not the answer we are looking for. Several factors are involved, and there are many more, in theme selection process. To start, it depends on what your client is looking for, what specific features, like an integrated WooCommerce capabilities or and easy way to switch theme skins, what industry they work in, who the audience is, what design elements are trending, what sensibilities do your client’s customers possess and what are the goals for the website being developed. Unfortunately even as these questions are answered, we may still have a few thousand themes to look through or at best a few hundred. So what to do?


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