Timing is everything

Timing is everything
That’s not true. Timing is everything and placement is everything.
How do you maximize the impact of your message? By knowing exactly when and where to display it.
We all expect do see commercials for Doritos during the Super Bowl when the audience is sitting and eating snacks. And we have come to expect commercials for financial planners during golf games, where the audience is older and looking for a better return on their investments (presumably so they can spend more time playing golf).
But what about print? Outdoor? Point of sale? These messages have to be tailored to their audiences as well.
Tulane University did a great job of promoting their 2009 renovation of Dinwiddie Hall. The project was awarded a “LEED GOLD” certification by the Green Building Council. That means that they successfully combined new technology and classic elements in an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly way.
Why do we care?
That’s what is so nice about Tulane‘s messaging; they tell you why.
Right there, in the bathroom >>
The urinal messaging reads “This high performance, low flush urinal saves the equivalent in water of two kegs of beer a day. Urinals like this one can cut water use by 30%.” Tulane promoted their renovation project and taught their students a lesson in “green” living at the same time. By delivering the message about water consumption where is it being used, Tulane maximized the impact of the message. The color of the acrylic they used was a nice touch, too.