Tide cleans up at Super Bowl

Super Bowl Now, Laundry Later. © 2020 Procter & Gamble

Super Bowl Now, Laundry Later. © 2020 Procter & Gamble

So you’re going to pay 5 or 6 million dollars for one :30 spot during the big game. Why stop there? Procter & Gamble made a huge splash at the game by “taking over” five different spots with their Tide brand.

Tide Pods co-opped commercial time with Fox (The Masked Singer), Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light), Warner Bros. Pictures (Wonder Woman 84) in addition to airing two spots on their own at :45 seconds each. Plus they appeared yet again during the Masked Singer in a spot designed to look like more of the show (yes, I was watching, don’t judge).

But more importantly (and only slightly less expensively) was the Twitterstorm that followed. A carefully choreographed set of tweets, hashtags and retweets were set in motion by parters including Doritos, Burger King, Monster Energy, Pepto-Bismol, Toyota, Home Depot and more. Tide was trending alright.

P&G orchestrated a win-win-win-win for Tide Pods, Wonder Woman, the Bud Knight and Fox on TV. It was a much better decision than that mess of a multi-brand ad they ran in the second half. (Tide wisely rejected the invitation to participate. They were too busy with their #laundrylater campaign.) P&G took the opposite approach with the multi-brand ad: cramming as many brands into one ad as possible. And saying nothing. Still expensive but a failure.

Super Bowl Results: Tide won. Mr. Clean lost.