Representative Freeman wins, Studio Mundi wins!

Representative Freeman wins, Studio Mundi wins!

Newly-elected Louisiana State Representative Aimee Adatto Freeman came to us before she was “Representative Freeman” to create a logo, website, email blasts, event invitations and signage for her political campaign. Our uniquely-designed website and clever, memorable signage featured her rescue golden retriever, Pepper. We immediately made her campaign stand out from the pack of cookie-cutter websites and typical messaging. Leading the race from the start, Aimee brought home the win and now proudly represents District 98 in the House of Representatives.

A few short months after her election, Aimee called on us again to turn her campaign website into a central location for her constituents to find information about the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. Working remotely, within a day we reconfigured her website to include important resources and messages of solidarity from Aimee. Visitors also have a place to sign up for legislative updates and to email Aimee directly with questions or concerns they have about their district and about Coronavirus.

We are proud to score a “big win” with our fast, effective and original designs and implementation.


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