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Pellerin Milnor Laundry Machines

You’ve seen them. You’ve probably used them: those washing machines with the big, round glass eye on the front? They are the only ones that can handle your big, fluffy comforter. These machines are a staple in laundromats. But there is a lot more to Milnor than those monocled monoliths. Milnor is an innovator in laundry science. And their machines power the biggest and best commercial laundries in the world. The last hotel you stayed in probably has two Milnor machines in the basement. Your university? More like six. You get the idea? There is a lot more to Marketing Milnor than their coin operated machines. We know. We do it for them.

I am so grateful for you and all of the hard work you continuously pour into our marketing efforts!

Alyssa Kelly - Advertising Coordinator, Pellerin Milnor Corporation