Cash Magic Truck Plazas & Casinos

In 2003, the fledgling truck plaza and casino company, Cash Magic, came to Studio Mundi for some branding help. They needed EVERYTHING – a look, logo, signage, point of sale pieces, mailers, website, etc. We worked our “magic” way back then, and our relationship is still strong today.

Over time, as Cash Magic grew from a handful of properties in southeast Louisiana to 23 properties across the state, they needed to provide their ever-growing customer base with a way to manage their rewards accounts and access other benefits of membership. Studio Mundi created a responsive website in WordPress that allows them to make edits, but more importantly, gives them the online presence they need to remain competitive in their industry.

As with all of our artistic needs, you have once again given us a product that we can be extremely proud of!

Trey Thibodeaux - Director of Marketing, Cash Magic Casinos