Cash Magic Truck Plazas & Casinos

In 2003, the fledgling truck plaza and casino company, Cash Magic, came to Studio Mundi for some branding help. They needed EVERYTHING – a look, logo, signage, point of sale pieces, mailers, rewards card, website, etc. We worked our “magic” way back then, and our relationship is still strong today.

Over time, as Cash Magic grew from a handful of properties in southeast Louisiana to 23 properties across the state, they needed to provide their ever-growing customer base with a way to manage their rewards accounts and access other benefits of membership. Studio Mundi created a responsive website in WordPress that allows them to make edits, but more importantly, gives them the online presence they need to remain competitive in their industry.

On a monthly basis, we also design and produce a mailer for Cash Magic’s rewards club members that features variable data and coupons that are customized to each member. Every year, we direct a photo shoot for use in print, TV commercials, and online.