Can’t live without us? Let us help.

Can’t live without us? Let us help.

Many marketing agencies want clients who can’t live without them. At Studio Mundi, we make sure that you can.

Don’t get me wrong, we love to feel needed. But we know that our clients need a website that they can control themselves. Instead of building sites in obscure backend programs that are “programmer-friendly,” we decided years ago to focus on the platform we found the most client-friendly. Drupal, Joomla and all the other content management software (CMS) out there create beautiful web sites. But we found WordPress to be the most user-friendly when it comes to clients making changes themselves. Plus, with a large programmer base out there, finding someone else who can pick up where we left off won’t be a problem.

We speak these languages. But we don’t recommend all of them to clients who have better things to do with their time.

Many firms actually engineer their sites to make it difficult for others to make changes. I get it. The client might stretch a photo out, distorting it. That’s ugly. The client might upload a huge photo even though it’s teeny tiny on the site. That slows down the site. But clients don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) pay someone else to make small changes to their site if they have the time (and not the money).

How to documents

We write extensive, customized “how to” documents for every web site we build. It’s a cheat-sheet for clients so they can log in and make simple changes to their site.

Logo usage documents

When we create a new brand for a client, we supply them with every different type of file format they will need to reproduce their logo as ink-on-paper, pixels-on-screen and even embroidery. We also create logo usage documents with all of the details (like color breakdowns and font usage rules) that will keep the brand standards strong.

We don’t want you to live without us. But it’s nice to know that you could if you needed to.



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